Entrepreneurship comes in many forms and the New Career Platform tries to guide you in your first steps as an entrepreneur.

Like a boss

Becoming your own boss by starting a business does not come with a one-size-fits-all method. Becoming an entrepreneur can be a dynamic journey which requires a lot of perseverance, determination and passion. Starting a business mostly starts with an idea: you see the need for a service or product, from where the dreaming starts. However, to turn this idea into a reality – there are many steps to be taken. In order to prepare you for this journey, the NCP curated some of the most inspiring articles in order to guide you in your first steps on becoming an entrepreneur in Ghana. From writing a business plan, to how to find your unique selling point to finding incubators in Accra – you can find it all gathered here.

Workshop: Pushing your brand with design

Last Friday the New Career Platform organized a very essential workshop in collaboration with the Ghana Design Network (GDN). It was a great way to kick start the new year. The Covid-19 pandemic took a major toll on businesses and thinking creatively became a survival skill. Many organizations were awoken on the need to take a step back, analyse existing processes and reintroduce themselves. This workshop at Ispace Foundation encouraged participants to (re)think their design(s) and accelerate their branding.


Masterclass ‘From Idea 2 Business’

The Idea to Business masterclass was held online on Friday, the 21st of August. It is an initiative of the New Career Platform and was implemented in collaboration with the Ghana Innovation Hub (GIH) and MDF West Africa, with the aim of supporting young entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into viable business models. 

Curious about the many ideas discussed in the masterclass? Read all about it in this recap of the masterclass ‘From Idea 2 Business’.



Workshop ‘Essentials of Marketing for Entrepreneurs’

The New Career Platform and Orange Corners Ghana joined forces to present the workshop ‘Essentials of Marketing for Entrepreneurs’ on Friday 15 November 2019.

This workshop was led by Jemila Abdulai, Creative Director and Founder of the digital platform Circumspecte. She is a trained economist and a bilingual consultant (ENG-FR) working at the intersection of policy, digital media, communications and creative business in Africa. She creates compelling content, conversations and experiences, and has been doing so for over 12 years.




7 things I wish someone told me as a student entrepreneur


This article was written by Tom-Chris Emewulu and was originally published at Stars From All Nations (SFAN) sfanonline.org 

SFAN will be 6 years old this September. As we gear up to “count our blessings” and map out our next phase, I want to share 7 things I wish someone told me when we started at Radford University. To wit, this article is not for everybody. It’s written for student entrepreneurs with big dreams and little resources. To help you avoid some of the missteps I made, take note of the following insights.



#TalentedTuesday: Cathy Morton, Actively Sports

This blog was originally published on the FB page of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana 

It’s Tuesday again and thus time for a #TalentedTuesday. Today we interview Cathy Morton, CEO of Actively Sports Event Co ltd and a managing partner of Millennium Marathon.

Activly Sports is a sports events and Management company in Ghana promoting and developing sports and a healthy lifestyle in children and women. Their flagship events are the Ghana Kiddy Mile Races, an annual children’s marathon for over 3000 children nationwide. The Women’s Run Ghana, a non-profit 5 km run for women which is being used as a platform to raise awareness about issues affecting women in Ghana. And She Plays Gh, a multi-sports network that connects and helps women and young girls learn and practice sports through access to coaching and equipment.


#TalentedTuesday: Joseph Baako, Factor Green Ghana Limited

This blog was originally published on the FB page of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana 

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another #TalentedTuesday! Today we feature Joseph Baako, one of the Orange Corners Ghana entrepreneurs and founder/owner of Factor Green Ghana Limited.

Joseph Baako is a dynamic and resourceful manager with a deeper perspective in industrial production, sales management, brand communication, marketing operations and customer service management. With over 15 years’ industry-specific experience in foods production and handling, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship in 2010. With his experience, passion in foods processing, and the enormous untapped opportunity in beans processing in sub-Sahara Africa, Joseph finally settled on cowpeas crop. He has since then invested his resources and energy in (canned) beans cropping research, equipment procurement and product development.


Insights and highlights of SFAN Breakfast 6: Financial intelligence for millennial entrepreneurs

This article was written by Tom-Chris Emewulu and was originally published at Stars From All Nations (SFAN) sfanonline.org 

Three days have passed since the sixth SFAN Business Breakfast Meeting. The breakfast was established to provide a space where young professionals and startup founders can explore important business subjects with industry leaders in an unprecedented environment and at non-prohibitive cost.


Incubators & Accelerators in Ghana


There are many incubators and accelerators in Ghana to support you in your journey to become an entrepreneur. We have listed some of these parties so you can check them out and see if some might match your entrepreneurial spirit. Every hub has it’s own aim and focus so read more about them, before reaching out.

Most of the hubs are based in Accra but don’t worry, Tamale and Kumasi are also represented!



#TalentedTuesday: John Nana Addo Francois, Asili Coffee

This blog was originally published on the FB page of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana 

Cheerful Tuesday! For today’s #TalentedTuesday we interviewed one of the selected Orange Corners entrepreneurs, John Nana Addo Francois, founder of Asili Coffee Purveyors LTD. So what was your motivation to start your business?

Pitching your startup to investors – simple hacks you should know

This article was written by Tom-Chris Emewulu and was originally published at Stars From All Nations (SFAN) sfanonline.org 

Pitching is one of the things that many (first time) founders dread – but unfortunately cannot avoid. You pitch your business every day and to everyone: investors, customers, collaborators, potential employees, and other prospects. As a matter of fact, your success or failure as a startup founder, in most instances, is underscored by this singular act: pitching.


#TalentedTuesday: Isaac Opoku, CEO of Ikez group

This blog was originally published on the FB page of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana 

Isaac Opoku is a 26-year old graduate from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Currently, he is the CEO of Ikez group of companies which has 5 separate brands and which each operate individually. These brands consist of Ikez multimedia, Ikez clothing, Pause & Pop, Ikez Consult and Starlight Foundation. He is a brand influencer, a digital marketer and has worked on many digital campaigns for companies in Ghana such as Ecobank, Stanbic Bank, Airtel Tigo, Orijin, Coke Studio Africa, First National Bank and much more which were all done under iSel Media. However, because of his love for agriculture, Isaac also deals in Snails farming.


#TalentedTuesday: Godfrey Yeboah Amoah, Vagicare Konsult

This blog was originally published on the FB page of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana 

On today’s #TalentedTuesday we feature Godfrey Yeboah Amoah, a 28-year-old medical laboratory scientist with a strong background in clinical microbiology, biochemistry, histotechnology, hematology and an interest in social entrepreneurship. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology from the University of Cape Coast in 2016. Godfrey is the founder of Vagicare Konsult, a female-focused social enterprise that creates sustainable solutions to feminine reproductive health problems.



Becoming A Freelancer: 5 Steps For Making The Jump

Written by Jemila Abdulai  and originally published on Circumspecte.com

What should you do if you’re considering becoming a freelancer? That’s one of the key questions I’ve received since my last update on my solopreneur / freelancer journey. As it turns out, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Ghanaians and Africans who have opted for or are considering the unconventional career of becoming a freelancer.