Virtual Business Challenge: “NBC is hitting the mark of innovation and excellence and creating differences”

The Virtual Business Challenge was organized with over 48 New Business Challenge (NBC) alumni joining in June. Twelve teams worked together in cross-cultural teams to provide a solution for two business cases, all facilitated online. Jeffrey Sefakor was one of them. Jeffrey is an alumni of the 2018 edition of the NBC, currently working as a National Service Personnel in the Communications Department of Central University. He narrates his experience during the Virtual Business Challenge.

I decided to participate in the Virtual Business Challenge because I enjoyed participating the New Business Challenge, also, it was a good opportunity to kick-start my brain and a better use of my time since schools are closed as a result of COVID-19.

My initial thoughts and questions bothered on the realization of the idea of an online business competition and a seamless execution. This surpassed my expectations, from my perspective there were no loopholes, everything was just good and very well coordinated. The same NBC experience was conveyed virtually, except for the fact that there were no ‘stroopwafels’ (the famous Dutch cookies with caramel). Oh, I will never forget the ‘Get Lucky’ song!

This program gets you thinking and provides you with a culturally diverse networking platform. It also teaches you to be a good team worker, teammate and team presenter. My highlight was the process of brainstorming and developing ideas, my team had a lot of ideas that it was difficult to choose an ultimate idea.

Additionally, I gained valuable experience in online co-operation and I was exposed to various functionalities of online platforms (like Zoom) I didn’t know existed. It is interesting how the usage of these platforms enable a consistent flow of various events in spite of unfortunate situations like COVID. The fact that we could be put into various breakout rooms and have our coordinators easily pass through to check up and chip in a few ideas to me was intriguing.

I have also learnt the importance of saying “yes” to every opportunity, big or small. NBC is hitting the mark of innovation and excellence, creating differences and giving businesses a new life with many ideas.

The NBC is all about discovering new sustainable business opportunities and maximizing the entrepreneurial potential for participants, as such, more workshops and events will be organized by the New Career Platform. Also after 3 months, a coming-back day for the Virtual Business Challenge will be organized to know how the process has been like in attempting to implement the solutions. Visit the New Career Platforms events to stay up to date about future workshops and programs.