#TalentedTuesday: Joseph Baako, Factor Green Ghana Limited

This blog was originally published on the FB page of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana 

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another #TalentedTuesday! Today we feature Joseph Baako, one of the Orange Corners Ghana entrepreneurs and founder/owner of Factor Green Ghana Limited.

Joseph Baako is a dynamic and resourceful manager with a deeper perspective in industrial production, sales management, brand communication, marketing operations and customer service management. With over 15 years’ industry-specific experience in foods production and handling, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship in 2010. With his experience, passion in foods processing, and the enormous untapped opportunity in beans processing in sub-Sahara Africa, Joseph finally settled on cowpeas crop. He has since then invested his resources and energy in (canned) beans cropping research, equipment procurement and product development. In 2018, with support of his complete team, the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) and Ghana Food Drugs Authority (FDA) gave the approval for food production facility license and a commercial production certification for canned beans in Ghanaian mass market.

Factor Green Ghana Limited is a 100% indigenous business and has developed to meet strong demand, processed and canned cowpeas (black-eyed beans) for the domestic and foreign markets. The company’s product significantly reduces the time and effort usually associated with the native cooking and serving of this delicacy. It makes available to consumers ready-to-eat variants of canned black-eyed beans in sauce with a minimum of 24 months’ expiration date. Their model is sourcing the raw materials (beans and spices) from smallholder farmers in Ghana, West Africa, Sudan and savanna ecological regions where beans are cultivated.

The product offered currently by Factor Green Ghana is Awa Red-Red Beans. Awa Red-Red Beans is available in various flavors marked by unique colors as follows:

  1. Red (Awa Red- Red Beans in Palm Oil sauce)
  2. Blue (Awa Red-Red Beans Refined Palm Oil sauce)
  3. Brown (Awa Red Beans in Coconut Oil sauce)
  4. Green (Awa Red Beans in Salted Water)

Awa Red-Red is made from our local blackeye beans from the best fertile soil of Northern Region, Ghana, that is popularly used for the Gari, Beans and/or waakye mixed with very rich Ghanaian style sauce (stew).

What was your motivation to start your business? 

‘The motivation to start my business comes from my less privileged background. It motivated me to be determined to change this in my future. Next to that, I wanted to make an impact in my community. I wanted to do something that was innovative, provided solutions and that could provide live changing opportunities to rural communities.’

What makes your business approach unique?

‘The Good News is this – all the components and ingredients used for our products – cans, beans, oils, sauce recipes, label design and printing, are all Proudly Made in Ghana.
Awa Red-Red Beans saves time and energy and offers our valued customers convenience, quality and uniformly cooked beans garnished in a balanced stew made of healthy Ghanaian spices just the way we like it.
Mindful of the need for healthy living which is the basis of our goal as a business, we have applied food technology that does not use preservatives and/or artificial addictive’s in our preservation. Yet Awa Red-Red Beans has a 2-year shelf life.
All you need to do now is this – whether in a hurry or at home, get yourself one or more variants of Awa Red-Red Beans, warm for 3-5 minutes, and your meal is ready. Complement the warm beans with any accompaniment of your choice: gari, fried plantain, rice, yam, salad, kenkey, bread, kontomire stew, soup. With Awa Red-Red Beans, the options for making the family happy are endless!
Beans in your food without meat is the best gift to give to your body for a longer healthy life. Beans life, Best life’

Do you have anyone who inspires you? If so, who and what inspires you so much? 

‘Aliko Dangote is my inspiration. When I look at him I realize that with the right business model, you can build a business whose value can rival the values of a country as an African. This inspiration has allowed me to think big but recognize the need to start small with my own salary as a seed investment. This is exactly what we have done till this point.’

What kind of advice would you give to other (young) entrepreneurs? 

‘Success in business doesn’t come with clock telling when you will succeed. There are numerous human problems that one solves and that is basically a business. However, as you continue in your journey there are a lot of realities that will hit you, despite all that, find your goal, keep your mind and soul on it and don’t give up. Learn from your mistakes, look for new opportunities, work smarter and harder each day. One-day God and the universe will conspire and work in your favor.’

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