#TalentedTuesday: Cathy Morton, Actively Sports

This blog was originally published on the FB page of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana 

Good afternoon to our followers! It’s Tuesday again and thus time for a #TalentedTuesday. Today we interview Cathy Morton, CEO of Actively Sports Event Co ltd and a managing partner of Millennium Marathon.

Activly Sports is a sports events and Management company in Ghana promoting and developing sports and a healthy lifestyle in children and women. Their flagship events are the Ghana Kiddy Mile Races, an annual children’s marathon for over 3000 children nationwide. The Women’s Run Ghana, a non-profit 5 km run for women which is being used as a platform to raise awareness about issues affecting women in Ghana. And She Plays Gh, a multi-sports network that connects and helps women and young girls learn and practice sports through access to coaching and equipment.

What was your motivation to start your business? 

‘Being an entrepreneur is about a dedication to finding solutions that create impact. It’s also about finding solutions that are sustainable and creating economic benefits. I chose to be an entrepreneur simply because I want to create a positive impact! I like thinking out of the box and creating something out of nothing. I also want to create an environment where others and not just myself can thrive through my ideas. Sports came to me by chance, but I realized quickly it has the power to transform lives because it transformed mine. I started engaging in sports as a weight-loss tool but quickly realized it has numerous other benefits. Now everyone calls me the sports lady, but I really didn’t see myself as a sports person ten years ago. Success is the product of consistency, determination and passion. I believe these three things kept and keep me going.’

What makes your business approach unique?

‘Actively Sports is the first and only company in Ghana to run a mini-marathon for children. Research shows that inculcating ideas at a very young age leads to a lifetime of long-held beliefs and practice. We believe the Kiddy Mile Race is an idea lead activity that we hope will help shape the future of sports and healthy lifestyles in Ghana through the next generation. We have a strong social element to what we do. Sport brings people together and through what we do we empower young people and especially women to use sports as a tool to better themselves. Next to that, we create job opportunities for young sportspeople through our training and coaching programmes. This creates a huge economic benefit from sports, which is something that is lacking.’

Do you have anyone who inspires you? If so, who and what inspires you so much? 

‘Serena Williams truly inspires me. I love her fighting spirit and how aggressive she is on the court. I feel like she makes sports look very approachable for women. She gives women hope that we can balance it all: career, marriage and motherhood.’

What kind of advice would you give to other (young) entrepreneurs?

‘Obviously, you need to be passionate about what you want to do get as much information as you can in this field. Know the relevant governing bodies and join some association if you can. Networking is important especially if you are starting from scratch. Be abreast of current trends in the particular sporting discipline you want to work in and identify and approach coaches, trainers and other people who are relevant in sports. And ultimately work hard at it, there is really no substitute for hard work.’

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