Apply now! Orange Corners Acceleration Program

Are you a young entrepreneur managing a registered business in Ghana? Do you want to expand your business but need some help designing or implementing your growth strategy? Do you want access to a dedicated business coach, training for you and your staff and access to our network? Then apply for Orange Corners Ghana!

Orange Corners is initiated by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with MDF West Africa, and local and international companies. Orange Corners Ghana offers a 6-month acceleration program which will be tailored to you and your team’s needs for the growth of your business. During this 6-month period you and your business coach will look at opportunities for your business and work towards new market access, improving operational efficiency and structuring your financials for future investment. If there is a need for growth funding we will bring you in contact with our investment partners after the program. Over the 6 months – there will be 10 workshop days, monthly masterclasses from our (corporate) partners and weekly access to a coach who will help implement your strategy. Additionally you will be able to make use of the Orange Corners working space in the Ghana Innovation Hub at the Accra Digital Center, and you will become part of the international Orange Corners network which includes entrepreneurs, companies and hubs from all across Africa and the Middle East.

The second cohort of the Orange Corners Ghana Acceleration Program lasts for 6 months – from February 2020 to July 2020. During this period, you will have access to a coach who will help you design and implement a growth strategy for your business. They will be available for a weekly update call with you.

There are 10 workshop days with all 15 company owners, focusing on (new) market opportunities, reaching your ideal customers, governance and compliance, improving your operations, impact measurement, raising investment, partnerships, building the right team, and financial management. During these workshops we will design an action plan for you and your team to implement and you can interact with the other business owners. We are well aware that you as a business owner might be caught up in (other) operational issues, so your coach has 1 day a month to spend time with you or your team at your office. This time can be used to help with implementation, join meetings with potential partners or build capacity of staff.

Next to this, we will also have regular network sessions and monthly masterclasses from our corporate partners. Examples are cross-border trade, accounting or masterclasses on technology for invoicing, which the relevant members of your team can attend. During the program, you and your team will also have access to the Orange Corners working space at the Ghana Innovation Hub. At the end of the program you should have a growth plan with clear KPIs to further build your business.

In July 2020, there will be a large networking event for you to promote your (new) products and services – gaining access to the network of the Netherlands Embassy, the Ghana Innovation Hub and our corporate partners. If there is a need for growth funding we will try to introduce you to our investment partners after the program.

Selection Criteria

We will be selecting up to 15 businesses and are looking for registered businesses with existing sales. Your business has a client base– but you are looking to grow by e.g. developing new products and services, expanding regionally or grow the existing client base. We do not have a sector focus. Our selection criteria are:

  • Your company has been in business for at least a year
  • You offer an innovative product or service that offers a sustainable solution to a local social, economic or environmental challenge
  • Your business has proven its concept through sales and you can provide financial statement for 2018 and 2019 (to date) to demonstrate this
  • You have multiple team members.
  • You are not participating in any other programs or competitions
  • You are serious about growing your business and are looking for investment – not grants.
  • The founder /CEO is available for selection bootcamp, workshop dates and coaching and the team is available to work on market validation during the six months
  • Located in the greater Accra region and/or be able to pay for own transport to- and from the Ghana Innovation Hub
  • You are between 18 – 35 years
  • To ensure participation and commitment to the program, businesses will pay a GHC1000 deposit upon selection which will be refunded to them after full participation for the program workshops and coaching.

Apply before January 5th on