Workshop ‘Essentials of Marketing for Entrepreneurs’

The New Career Platform and Orange Corners Ghana joined forces to present the workshop ‘Essentials of Marketing for Entrepreneurs’ last Friday. This workshop was led by Jemila Abdulai, Creative Director and Founder of the digital platform Circumspecte. She is a trained economist and a bilingual consultant (ENG-FR) working at the intersection of policy, digital media, communications and creative business in Africa. She creates compelling content, conversations and experiences, and has been doing so for over 12 years. 



The workshop took place at the Ghana Innovation Hub, a co-working space and hub nurturing entrepreneurship in Accra. Ileen Wilke from the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC), who host the New Career Platform, and Richard Yeboah, Director of MDF Ghana and host of the Orange Corners Ghana, warmly welcomed the participants to the workshop.





Jemila kick-started the workshop by introducing herself and her journey so far as a solopreneur. She started Circumspecte in 2007 as a blog and took her first steps as an entrepreneur in 2015. She decided to jump fully in 2017, which already shows that it’s okay to take your time to build a brand. It shows in the results, Circumspecte has been growing ever since. The already famous quote, “when life gives you tomatoes, make jollof” by Jemila herself, did reveal the essence of Jemila her ‘Marketing Essentials’ training. Everyone has a story to tell so in order to market yourself as an entrepreneur, you need to grasp this story fully and adapt it to the context you work in. Your brand represents who you are, what you offer and the reason why you do that – these are the building blocks to grow your business.







Besides defining your own story, getting to know the market is just as important. Marketing is there to introduce your customers to your service/product, so you should focus on your customers’ needs and wishes. The participants applied their gained knowledge with a fun group exercise to create a (n) (ideal) customer profile. Each group picked a business case and presented their customer at the end of the training, including posts on social media with #TrainWithJemila.





The workshop ended with a warm applause for Jemila and many participants stayed to exchange business cards and network more.

Are you interested to also train with Jemila? Request a personalized, one-on-one training with Circumspecte. Keep an eye on the events of the New Career Platform for the next training!