#TalentedTuesday: Viviana Efua Dansowaa, Liebe by Viviana

This blog was originally published on the FB page of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana 

For today’s #TalentedTuesday we feature Viviana Efua Dansowaa, creator of the brand ‘Liebe by Viviana’.

Viviana was born and raised in Ghana and studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ghana. While studying she ran professionally for Ghana on the international level in countries like China, Serbia, Nigeria and many more. Unfortunately, due to an injury, Viviana had to retire from sports. Next to studying and doing sports, she also had an interest in making something out of nothing with fabrics and yarns. It was at this point that she discovered her love for making travel accessories.

Before she started to do so professionally, she was always making travel accessories and would give them out as gifts to friends, family and loved ones. It was not until January 2019 that she decided to make a business out of it. This after building up herself financially, physically and spiritually, leaving behind lots of disappointments and hardships she had these past years. Some of the products Viviana makes include passport covers, neck pillows, luggage straps, sleep masks, carry on luggage’s and there are much more beautiful things to come!

What was your motivation to start your business?
‘There are two main reasons why I decided to start my business. Firstly, I wanted to be financially stable to help myself and to help others. Secondly, I realized that there were no African or Ghanaian printed travel accessories on the market and I wanted to change that.’

What makes your business unique? 
‘I specialize in travel accessories and use only Ghanaian made prints. As far as I know, this is the first travel accessory brand in Ghana and I am still expanding it.’

Do you have anyone who inspires you? If so, who or what inspires you so much? 
‘Can I say I get inspired by love? I think when one receives love and support they are able to be whatever and whomever they want to be. I especially get inspired by women who lift each other up.’

What kind of advice would give to other young entrepreneurs? 
‘Don’t be afraid of exploring your creativity, work hard and be ready to invest a lot of time and effort in starting a business.’

Great job Viviana, keep it up👏🏾!

Want to support and follow Viviana? Her handles are given below:
Facebook: Liebe By Viviana
Instagram: @liebebyviviana