The New Career Platform is a dedicated place to inform young talents about starting a professional career in Ghana. The platform informs you on two parts for building a professional career: job orientation and entrepreneurship.

Kick-start your career!

The New Career Platform is for all young and ambitious talents who want to kick-start their career in Ghana. Once you graduated, you have 2 main options to start your career: work for an employer or be your own employer. The aim of this website is to inform you about everything you need to know about the job market and starting a business in Ghana. The information provided will enable you to feel prepared, no matter which journey you will embark on. All the info will be presented to you through articles, blogs, videos, real-life events and the newsletter. The New Career Platform is your vibrant and up to date resource to kick-start your career!

Job orientation

So you decided that you would like to work for an employer but have no clue where to start? The New Career Platform provides you with everything you need to know about the job market. All the info is focused on guiding you through your first steps in the job market: from writing your CV, how to prepare for an interview to finding your purpose.


What should you know before you jump into your adventure as a business owner? Entrepreneurship comes in many forms and the New Career Platform tries to guide you in your first steps as an entrepreneur. From writing a business plan, to how to find your unique selling point to finding incubators in Accra – you can find it all gathered here.


Professional careers take many shapes and use many different tools to develop. The New Career Platform is therefore guided by a vibrant community that provides additional support. The Partners consist of a variety of knowledge institutions, private companies and platforms with each their unique contribution. Proud partners of the New Career Platform are SustainbleMotion, GNBCC and Circumspecte.com.

Info for Dutch talents

Curious about starting your international career in Ghana? The New Career Platform also supports Dutch talents in kick-starting their journey in Ghana. Doing business in Ghana can be very different from doing business in the Netherlands. The job market in Ghana also differs and requires other skills than the Dutch job market. The New Career platform is also here for Dutch talents to guide you towards a job or starting your business in Ghana.


The New Career Platform events support ambitious, young talents by preparing them for the next step and enhancing their practical skills. The events are organised in collaboration with the partners of the New Career Platform and are taking place in Accra. Check out when the next event is coming up!